‘Tis the Season to Advertise: 2018 Holiday Campaign Strategies For a Brighter Season

Amrita Hemdev
By Amrita Hemdev
October 29, 2018

The holiday season is the busiest shopping period of the year. Consumers are sleuthing for deals, brands and retailers are cashing in on sales, and advertisers, marketers, and media agencies are clamoring to get the word out via digital media. Most holiday shoppers create a game plan early on — seven out of 10 people report that they typically plan their shopping in advance. On average, these forward-thinking consumers start planning in mid-October.

From Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday last year, more than 174 million Americans shopped in stores and online during the five-day holiday weekend. And one-third of shoppers report holiday weekend purchases were driven by promotions.

The holiday season is nearly upon us, but don’t panic! We've got you covered with our complete holiday digital advertising guide. This must-have resource is full of tips, insights, and strategies that will help you be a savvier advertiser/marketer and ring in a record-breaking holiday season!

In this 2018 holiday-focused digital advertising guide, you will learn:

  • What kind of opportunity holiday shopping trends can offer and how to prepare for the holidays.
  • The four key holiday advertising insights from our 2017 holiday advertising campaigns.
  • Which advertiser categories perform well during the holiday season.
  • Common challenges advertisers face and how to work around them to have a successful holiday campaign season.
  • The best time to ramp up digital advertising campaigns for the holiday rush.
  • Tips for acing your holiday digital advertising campaigns.
  • And more!

Get your 2018 holiday digital advertising guide and get ready for a brighter season!


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