Key Insights from Memorial Day 2019 Campaigns

Amrita Hemdev
By Amrita Hemdev
June 06, 2019

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer and BBQ season. In addition to rising temperatures, consumer spending was also predicted to rise year over year for the holiday weekend!

According to WalletHub, 45.5% of Americans were “likely” to take advantage of Memorial Day deals, spending an average of $486 on holiday-related purchases.

Outdoor fun was on most people’s minds. A record-breaking 37.6 million travelers hit the road this Memorial Day. These roadtrippers and staycationers likely stopped by supermarkets and convenience stores to fill their trunks with beverages, spirits, barbecue food, snacks, and grab-and-go items.

To help you make the most of your future Memorial Day and other holiday sales, we analyzed our Memorial Day ad campaign data. Keep reading to learn more about who was advertising and what kind of digital strategies they used.

Memorial Day Campaign Insights

Plan ahead.

The duration of ZypMedia 2019 Memorial Day campaigns ranged between one to four weeks.




Retail businesses offered sales incentives online during the Memorial Day week to engage consumers and convince them to take immediate action for a sales conversion.

Timeliness is the key to marketing success for holiday campaigns. To make promotions have the biggest impact, business owners should be prudent and avoid leaving campaign planning to the last minute. Ad campaigns should focus heavily a few weeks before the holiday to build excitement and brand awareness as the holiday approaches.


Pick the right product.

Sixty-four percent of clients utilized OTT advertising as a marketing tactic to reach Memorial Day shoppers.



Our top five advertisers all included OTT, pre-roll video, or a mix of both in their Memorial Day campaign strategies.


Know the top advertiser categories.

We saw advertisers ran the most ads in the food and drink category (30%), followed by home and garden (28%) and automotive (18%).



Advertisers in the top five categories include businesses like supermarkets and convenience stores, online furniture stores, automotive dealers, barbecue equipment sellers, concert ticket sellers, and camping equipment sellers.

These advertiser trends make sense considering shoppers were expected to be out seeking everything from barbecue grilling equipment and camping tents to mattress and furniture deals or discounts on concert tickets, cars, washers, and other large appliances to support their holiday weekend activities.


Boost engagement.

Our ad operations team observed the highest-performing click-through rate (CTR) from May 17-27, 2019, and the average video-completion rate (VCR) was 96% for OTT campaigns.

Memorial Day fell on May 27 this year. We saw an increase in searches and ad performance ten days before the holiday leading up to the actual holiday. The higher CTR during the week before Memorial Day indicates that more people were clicking on ads during that time.

From a marketer’s perspective, the data and audience insights provided by OTT, especially through local ads run for holiday campaigns, makes it a potentially seamless link in an omnichannel connection with consumers across all of their devices. OTT holds advantages for advertisers, and it leads to higher engagement. 

Apply these insights to your next holiday ad campaign.

The national holiday that brings Americans together is around the corner — Independence Day. If you want to boost your July sales, start preparing now before the mid-summer festivities come around.

Campaigns that use data improve their marketing ROI 15-20%. Looking at data will help you focus your attention on your highest-performing channels.

ZypMedia specializes in digital advertising, and we’re innovating to bring advertisers the best OTT technology.

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