6 Ad-Supported Streaming Services That Every OTT Advertising Expert Should Know

Amrita Hemdev
By Amrita Hemdev
May 15, 2019

Did you know that the average streaming-video subscriber pays for three different services? And the options don’t stop there. Today streamers have more choices than just Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. In addition to subscription models, there are a number of free or paid ad-supported streaming services available to choose from and multiple ways to stream favorite shows, sports, and movies over the internet.


Here’s a glimpse into six popular video streaming services you can run over-the-top (OTT) video ads on today.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free, fully ad-supported, video-streaming service in the connected TV (CTV) marketplace. Streamers can watch quality video TV shows and movies without paying a subscription fee.

With content from over 200 partners and studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM, Tubi TV enables users to stream thousands of hours of movies and TV shows free of charge on any device. More people adopt streaming every day, and Tubi is rumored to be spending around $100 million on licensed content in 2019 to meet the growing demand.

Tubi TV is available on over 20 connected devices including Comcast Xfinity X1, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.


Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a live-TV and on-demand streaming platform that offers free content curated from a mix of network and original content. It was recently acquired by Viacom and now has over 12 million active users, making it the largest free TV streaming service in the U.S.

From TV shows and movies to sports, news, and music videos, Pluto TV has over 100 free HDTV channels for viewer entertainment categorized by genre.


Sling TV

Sling TV is live TV, just like a cable or satellite TV service, except it’s delivered over the internet. It is a paid, ad-supported streaming service that allows subscribers to pick their bundled network options and watch a collection of live and on-demand TV channels on their TVs, computers, or mobile devices. It offers more than 50 channels, including ESPN, AMC, TNT, CNN, History, HGTV, and Disney Channel.

Sling TV has an OTT premium Live and VOD inventory, with no ad blockers, bots, or below-the-fold concerns.



Xumo is a streaming service that aggregates a high-quality video inventory from over 60 broadcasters and premium digital publishers. Xumo is free for viewers and supported by ads. Advertisers can access a high-quality, high-definition, full-screen ad inventory on smart TVs and connected devices.

There are 160+ free Live and on-demand streaming channels, ranging from sports highlights, fun cooking shows, and music and festival coverage to breaking news and more.



STIRR is a new free, ad-supported streaming service owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group that brings local TV news and content to streamers across the U.S. It is available through their website and apps for iOS, Android devices, and various streaming TV devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

The streaming service offers access to national news, sports, entertainment, and digital-first channels. The service includes a video-on-demand library in addition to its local content.


Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a completely free, ad-supported OTT platform owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company, and accessible from any connected device. The streaming service features live sports, breaking news, genre-specific lists of movies, TV, and original programming that rotate every month. Its “Always On” feature allows viewers to search for shows while watching another movie or show.

Thirty-six percent of Sony Crackle’s audiences are 18-34 years old and 46% are 35-46 years old.


Get your ad in front of your target audience watching their favorite content on these ad-supported streaming services (and many more high-quality publishers!) with ZypMedia’s innovative technology and services.

These ad-supported streaming services are home to a wide variety of content, from documentaries and full-length feature films to classic cinema favorites and original television programming.

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