This is Why Technology and Speed are Integral to Serving Local Markets

Ramandeep Ahuja
Technology and Speed Help You Win
By Ramandeep Ahuja
September 08, 2017

In 2013, the digital platforms available for local markets were seriously lacking. Most services focused on national targeting needs because it was an easier challenge to solve, leaving businesses that were trying to reach local audiences with limited options to efficiently narrow their efforts to reach the right people. Nobody was trying to bridge the growing gap between established traditional media and new digital media.

Great Technology is a Cornerstone of How We Quickly and Accurately Target Local Markets

Challenge accepted. We set out to make a high performance, demand-side platform (DSP) the right way from the very beginning. We made the choice early on to build our solution in-house from the ground up, working strategically to connect the way established formats and new media work together for a truly omnipresent ad delivery capability.

After 4 years of running a DSP, we still think that avoiding reliance on third-party platforms for our core bidding tech was the one of the best business decisions we’ve made. Keeping full control of our APIs and product roadmap gives us the independence to evolve our platform with the needs of our clients without unexpected third-party changes.

This flexibility positively impacts our core platform in the following areas:

Enables Lightning Fast Innovation

Having a fully integrated platform allows us to quickly take new products like OTT/CTV video advertising to market before others, providing you access to cutting-edge targeting opportunities.

Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Machine learning is only as good as the data behind the learnings. Our platform collects data on ad viewers using our proprietary ad server, ensuring we know what data is being used and where it came from.

That clean data is used to power our platform’s AI/ML technology to keep getting better and better at targeting local markets, effectively reaching the people that are a perfect fit for your ad message.

Motivates a Culture of Innovation

Digital advertising technology evolves quickly, making it imperative to have a team with a spirit of innovation to stay one step ahead of other offerings.

On a typical day, our platform handles over 10 billion ad calls with 100ms minimum SLA. Building a platform that handles internet scale challenges like this encourages our team to think outside the box for innovative solutions to get one-of-a-kind results for your campaigns.

Faster Insights = More Opportunity for Personalization

The audiences you’re trying to reach are increasingly expecting personalization from the targeted advertising efforts they are exposed to. Customer data is what drives the delivery of these personalized experiences.

Having easy access to the first-party data that powers our platform allows you to know about and react to data driven actions like clicks and completed ad views. This data helps inform you how to you reach the right customers, with the right message, at the right time, in the right location.

Why is Speed Technology Integral to Powering Your Ad?

Real-time ad bidding exchanges (like GoogleAdx, OpenX, Rubicon and MoPub) require that the DSP platform respond well within 100ms to be able to show an ad to a user (as the page loads). That is less time than it takes to blink your eye!

Our platform has to evaluate and lookup several datapoints (user, location, page context, etc.) that match your target audience requirements to show your ad to the right user, at the right time, in the right geo, all within the exchanges time requirements.

The platform handles at least 500k of these ad calls per second at all hours of the day.

As you think about the magnitude of the volume of these demands, it’s easy to see how important it is to keep low latency response times at the core of our technology innovation.

Fast Response Times Require a Fast and Powerful Database.

We work closely with the premier high-speed, scalable key value database provider, Aerospike. Our partnership with them directly benefits your campaigns. 

Lightning Fast Data Delivery

Remember the exchange requirement that each bid be completed in less than 100ms? Aerospike supports us providing bid speeds of less than 5ms, creating even more opportunities for your ad to be delivered to a well-targeted local audience.

Cost Savings.

Aerospike reduced our hosting cost for the key value store by 10x, allowing us to pass the savings onto you with competitive campaign rates.

Frees Up Resources for Innovation

They support cross datacenter replication out-of-the-box, allowing us to spend engineering resources on engineers that are focused on product innovation instead of DevOps maintenance.

Watch this video to find out more about how Intel, Aerospike and ZypMedia work together to support extraordinarily  fast ad bidding.


Read the full case study from Intel here.  

Read more about why working with Aerospike is so powerful for advertising use cases like ours here.

Advancements in Fast Ad Technology Have Changed the Game for Local Market Targeting.

The demand for digital advertising is forecasted by eMarketer to see double-digit growth every year.  The overall local media marketplace is forecasted by BIA Kelsey to experience at least a 17 percent increase by 2021.

We’ve made great progress at building products that meet the needs of businesses trying to target, deliver to and engage with local audiences across the US, thanks to the power of strategic technology.

As the demand continues to increase, we will continue to innovate our technology to stay ahead of your needs, focusing on providing you results that deliver.

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Ramandeep Ahuja

Ramandeep Ahuja serves as the CTO at ZypMedia. Raman started his career at the Advanced Technology Group what is now the office of the CTO at Motorola Solutions where he prototyped several innovative mission-critical public safety systems with stringent requirements for performance and latency. At Motorola Solutions, Raman led various high profile projects including the software prototype team for the FCC TV White Space field trial evaluation. Raman then moved into the high frequency trading (HFT) world at XR Trading in Chicago where he worked directly with Traders, Quants and the CTO on requirements, implementation up to product delivery (agile development). Most recently Raman was a senior engineer at Apsalar where he designed and implemented a high performance mobile real time bidding system. Raman has eight granted patents, several pending and published papers. Raman holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology and a M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.