8 Reasons Why ZypMedia is a Smart Career Move

Amrita Hemdev
By Amrita Hemdev
March 08, 2018

There's nothing like the energy of a startup--where everyone brings their own unique skills, creativity, and experience to the table to create something extraordinary together. It's actually kind of magical.

Here are eight reasons you should consider joining our ad tech startup world!




Flourishing Industry

If you are looking for a great way to kick-start or advance your career, you have to consider an industry’s future potential.

The ad tech industry’s revenue is set to grow more than 300% by 2020, moving from $30 billion in 2015 to $100 billion by 2020 according to this report. The ad tech space is booming. Digital ad spending is predicted to rise from $83 billion in 2017 to $129.26 billion in 2021. As the providers of digital ad products, we are always exploring ways to help traditional media buyers combine digital media in their advertising strategy.


“It is exciting to work for a company that is innovating on the right product at the right time. As one of the top OTT advertising providers in the industry, ZypMedia offers a ton of potential to grow. I can't wait to see how we help define OTT features and practices in the future.”

Karen Sowa, Marketing Director, ZypMedia


Move Fast, Break Things, Adjust on The Way

At ZypMedia, we all wear many hats and might need to learn things on the fly. You will very likely get the opportunity to contribute to projects you might not get to touch at another company. Sometimes these projects are high risk, but high reward and will affect the overall success of the startup. The culture here is focused on fast success and fast growth, so you will also learn these new skills fast. You will be able to make a visible impact.


“I love working with such an enthusiastic team. We're always working on projects that have a direct impact on the revenue and business.

It makes work feel very rewarding."

Akshay SoniLead Software Engineer, ZypMedia


Learn From The Game Changers

People who start their own business have a different mental and professional makeup. Entrepreneurs can see a problem, predict a better future, and think of an innovative way of addressing it. Working with entrepreneurs because of this nature and mindset is one of the best ways to grow. They approach problems differently, are continually finding solutions, and are driven to make the most out of their time.

You have direct access to the ZypMedia founders, and working alongside them will give you a broader appreciation for tackling problems from a variety of viewpoints and exploring creative solutions to problems. Every successful startup has game changers, and if you find the right ones, you’ll learn plenty.


“If you want to start your own business one day, your experience at ZypMedia will be an invaluable one. The most prominent learning experience comes from the fact that the decision-making process here is fast and furious with almost no data, which is a skill you cannot acquire and can only grasp by observing and implementing. We are always open to new ideas and embrace failures that come from making mistakes on our way toward reaching the goal. It helps you grow and teaches you how not to repeat those errors.”

Aman Sareen, Co-Founder and President, ZypMedia


Work Hard, Play Hard

Gaining the skills to develop a business, customer base, and impact requires patience and perseverance. There is always an energetic vibe at ZypMedia. We work hard and love to acknowledge our achievements! From day trips to Napa to ping-pong-focused holiday parties, we love celebrating our journey and successes.




Opportunities For Advancement

Startups are merit based, not tenure based. Those who shine are often promoted quickly. As a smart hire in our company, your opportunities are limitless. Whether your goal is to reach the senior level or become an operations evangelist, you have the potential for high advancement.

At ZypMedia, hard work is rewarded by greater responsibilities and promotions. Our founders look for the best position for you to succeed because they not only sincerely care about you, but they also know how to grow and nurture raw talent. If you are hardworking and ambitious, this is the place to be.


“I came to ZypMedia with experience in a different industry. I was fortunate to find a group of remarkable people that offered me mentorship and opportunities to develop long beyond the initial training days. The founders help you carve your path to success. Everyone comes up with new ideas that influence projects and strategy. If you bring your A game, you will get a chance to contribute and evolve in your job at a fast pace. I have advanced in my career twice within a year of joining.

ZypMedia is where the startup buzzwords like ‘growth,’ ‘transformation,’ and ‘opportunities’ springboard to life.”

Karan Saggi, Manager, Ad Operations, ZypMedia


We've Got Your Back

Our team members come from very different backgrounds and have expertise in different areas. All of them have a unique style of working and philosophies. But what makes us stand apart is the fact that we always have one another’s back.

We are a tightly knit group with shared ambitions, making sure everybody grows together. “Teamwork makes the dream work” is our company’s core philosophy!


“Our company’s culture lies in our diversity and how we come together to celebrate each other’s growth individually and as a team each time. We like pushing our boundaries and work collaboratively to solve problems that enable and empower our end users.”

Jyotsna Gupta, Product Designer, ZypMedia




Your Work Will Be Recognized

If I’ve learned anything from working in tech startups, it’s that when the rest of the team says “We couldn’t have done it without you,” you can be confident that they really mean it. It’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done in a startup or to give credit where credit is due.

If you succeed, your team will recognize it instantly, and the praise is yours to bask in. Spread your arms in glory, my friend; your work has been recognized!


“I'm fortunate to spend my time doing what I love to do and surrounded by a team that is always willing to lend a helping hand. Our team's ability to collaborate and work together with effective communication allows us to run successful digital advertising campaigns and keep our clients happy and satisfied with the results. I learn something new from my Zyp family almost every day, allowing me to grow and become a better resource for the clients I manage at ZypMedia.”

Annissa De Leon, Account Manager, ZypMedia


If The Shoe Fits

Here are just a few of the things you can expect with you join the ZypMedia family:

  • You’ll be welcomed with a box of wines on your first day. Cheers!
  • A contagious entrepreneurial spirit. All around you, people are coming up with innovative solutions to traditional problems or making the new tool that simplifies or enhances the ad experience of today’s consumers.
  • Awesome perks like open vacation policy, free lunches, Uber access when working late hours, 401K plan with match, and much more.
  • If there isn’t at least one good joke in an hour, it’s a really slow day.
  • Startups are like a melting pot of ideas. Everyone else who works here has the same drive and excitement for growth as you do.
  • Relaxed attire. We wear jeans to work. In the summer, we wear shorts and sandals.
  • You can drink beer or wine at work. But only on special occasions. Wink.




Sure, working in a startup comes with a lot of responsibilities, and certainly startups are not for everybody. But if you are eager to explore the undeniably amazing growth opportunities, we just might be the perfect place for you.

We are always looking for talented folks to come and share our dream. Drop us an email to tell us why you’d be a great addition to our ZypMedia family!

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Amrita Hemdev

Amrita is an inbound marketer. She studied marketing and project management at UC Berkeley and proceeded to work in a fast-paced, digital advertising tech startup, with a goal of increasing brand awareness. She is currently the Content Marketing Specialist at ZypMedia. Passionate about digital marketing and having six years of experience in this field, she also started her digital marketing and creative agency, Sociato, based in India.