ZypMedia OTT Insights from Q2'19

Karen Sowa
By Karen Sowa
September 25, 2019

As OTT adoption steadily grows with consumers and advertisers, so, too, does our fervor at ZypMedia for understanding OTT's usage applications, adoption patterns, and other emerging trend-worthy stories.

Our analytics team analyzed data from all of the OTT campaigns powered by our platform throughout Q2’19 to feel the pulse of advertiser preferences, ad performance, category adoption, and which OTT devices viewers are using to access ad-supported content. Keep reading to find out more about the OTT landscape, as well as our in-depth analysis.

Keep these insights in mind as you plan your approach and advertising strategy. Being knowledgeable and having the ability to speak to current trends, especially for an evolving product like OTT, can help build trust and confidence with clients, making them come back for more successful advertising campaigns in the future. If you are the advertiser, it's also useful to understand what other brands are doing.

OTT is convenient, easy to access, and provides a customizable experience.

Viewers are still opting for the biggest screen available for consuming video content. They may be using desktop and mobile devices to access OTT content as needed during their commute, travel, or other on-the-go activities, but they usually prefer to watch on their television screens in a living room environment as the content is usually longer format, like a movie or TV show.

The monthly average video-completion rate (VCR) in Q2’19 varied between 97-98% with an overall average of 97.39%, which is very similar to what we saw in Q1’19.

Here are the top three device types and the most common devices OTT campaigns were delivered on:






Takeaway: Roku remained the most popular device in Q2’19 quarter, but Google Chromecast became more popular, pushing Amazon Fire TV Stick down to the third place.

“It's not unexpected to see Connected TV as the top device type that viewers used to consume OTT content in Q2’19. What will be interesting to watch is the fluctuation between viewer device preferences as new devices come to market and consumers continue to try different ways to connect with their favorite content.

Tiffany Flores, Senior Vice President, Ad Operations, ZypMedia


Q2’19 top OTT advertiser categories were consistent with industry digital advertising trends.

eMarketer predicted that industries spending the most on digital advertising in the U.S. in 2019 are retail (21.9%) and automotive (12.3%), which is similar to what we saw in ZypMedia’s OTT advertiser behavior. The biggest spenders are quick to experiment with and adopt the latest digital advertising products, like OTT.

Overall, ‘Automotive’ and ‘Home & Garden’ categories were the two most popular categories across the U.S. Here is a breakdown of the top three advertiser categories in each region in the U.S.:




Takeaway: There are some regional differences seen when comparing top advertiser categories, with ‘Home & Garden’ increasing campaign activity in Q2’19 compared to Q1’19. This trend was especially apparent in the colder climate markets, likely due to seasonal retail goods.

“The top three advertiser categories remained relatively consistent compared to what we saw in Q1’19. The automotive industry -- which consists of dealers, local dealer associations, and manufacturers -- actively spends on local advertising to reach target audiences, which is one of the reasons why it usually remains one of the highest-spending categories in digital advertising.“

Rachel Egan, Senior Vice President, Sales, ZypMedia


Reach your local streaming audiences with OTT advertising and use these key insights for your next OTT ad campaign.

For local advertisers looking to access cutting-edge marketing technology, ZypMedia delivers the full package. We can help you and your organization place OTT ads in front of quality local audiences while helping you drive sales and generate a positive ROI.

We love hearing about the results OTT is bringing to advertisers just as much as we love sharing the insights we have to help educate and inform on OTT. If you have a success story in your market or for your brand, drop us a note and your story could be featured in a future article.

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